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To Baltimore Dog Days:

Sixty-three may not be the ideal age for getting the first dog of one’s life, but then came Juno, an all-black shepherd mix who had been dumped off in a box at the junkyard. She was probably five weeks old, definitely too young to have separated from her mother. Covered in dirt and ticks, she cowered in her small box. My niece took her in and took her to a vet who said Juno would weigh thirty-five pounds when she was full grown. So I thought I could handle that. I volunteered to take her. The vet I chose agreed that this foundling would grow to be thirty-five pounds. Nearly a year and half later, Juno weighs in at eighty pounds. One could say she is eighty pounds of love. Neighbors love her and toss treats and toys in the yard for her, including the mailman. But the journey to love started as a date with trouble. Without Mark Kottraba’s skill and patience, Juno may very well have been living in at an orphanage. Mark follows the principles of calm assertive energy with a balance between exercise, discipline, and affection same of Cesar Millan (“The Dog Whisperer”). Mark mastered Juno almost immediately with his kind, consistent assertiveness. But then I had to also be trained to follow Mark’s clear principles consistently when he was not present. When I did, things began to change for the better. Mark has curbed the energy of a powerful puppy into a personality that charms and beguiles. I don’t know what I was thinking when I took her in, but now I couldn’t live without her.

P.S. Juno says, “Mark, you are the best! I love your commands!

Thanks, Carol



Dear Mark and Baltimore Dog Days,

After trying a cat that kept using my son’s bed as a litter box, we had to get rid of the cat. So we tried a hamster but again the life span on that hamster was only 1 week. So my husband and I decided to give a puppy a try to be able to play with our son. This brought about Max, a yellow Lab. Max is like most labs having lots of energy, and when I get home from teaching; Max being home all day by himself started to get overwhelming, along with when children would come over for private tutoring.

We did our homework and found that Mark from Baltimore Dog Days lived down the street by always seeing his wife walking two chocolate labs twice as big and strong as Max but she is able to walk them instead of being walked by the dogs like Max did. After speaking to Mark’s wife and I knew that he was the one we needed.

Then came Mark with Baltimore Dog Days for the first time. When Mark took Max outside to do an evaluation of Max on a walk I could not believe that Max did everything he was asked to do with no problem. Seeing this I knew that Max could be the pet we wanted.

Since the training Max never pulls on a walk, has become so much better with the children that come over for private tutoring. We have even taken advantage of Baltimore Dog Day’s dog sitting services when we go to South American every year for a month. Not only do I know that Max will be looked over by professionals but if anything ever happened; Mark would know what to do. Baltimore Dog Days even diagnosed an ear infection while we were away which prompted them to start the cleaning and the medication process so it was not bad or tormenting Max by the time we got home.

Thank you to Mark and Baltimore Dog Days for a great job and look forward to continuing to use your service for years and dogs to come!!!!!!


Ms. Castro




Dear Mark and Baltimore Dog Days,

The way we got Cracker was an interesting story: my husband stopped late one night to tow someone in a bad neighborhood the winter of 2010 which if you remember it was an abnormally cold winter that year. When my husband was out of the truck hooking up the car to tow an all white Pit Bull (Cracker) jumped in the truck and would not get out of the heated truck. On the way back home my husband stopped at McDonalds and fed the dog as he was extremely under-fed. By the time they both got home Cracker started to act a little normal from warming up and eating some food. Once in our home for a few weeks I noticed that “Cracker” was a terror. Jumping on everything and everyone, ripping up paper, clothes and our sons toys. A neighbor down the street told me about Mark with Baltimore Dog Days so I decided to give him a call to see if anything could be done to assist us with the new terror of our home.
Once Mark arrived he met with me to go over what things he wanted us to cover and make Cracker listen too commands. He was very attentive and noticed some things that I was not even aware that I was doing that were confusing the dog.
With the clear outlined guide that we followed with Mark’s instructions has made Cracker one of the best dogs I have ever met. Not only does he listen to all the normal commands: sit, down, lay, stay and heel; Cracker was even taught how to go and put all his toys away in the designated toy box. Yes Cracker does clean up after he is finished playing; can you say that about your dog or even kid?
Without Baltimore Dog Days we would not have been able to keep Cracker which would have broken my heart.
He is now a permanent part of our family and could not imagine what it would be like without him being with us. Thank you , Baltimore Dog Days and Mark for everything you have done!!!!! Kelly


Dear Baltimore Dog Days,

My family and I could not have imagined any dog or animal being so cute but yet so out of control. Bella our Bernice Mountain Dog that we rescued from a local community fair during the spring in 2010 which my daughter feel in love with and had me hypnotized by her beautiful blue eyes. After having an electric fence installed and Bella breaking through the fence everyday with little effort we knew that we needed help.
When I was out one day looking at cars I was speaking to the salesman and he indicated that his brother owned a dog training company that come to your home. I of course got the phone number and called immediately before I even left the dealership. No I did not buy a car but did find a great dog trainer from the experience.
Baltimore Dog Days came out and met me on time every time at our home.
The company is a great organization to the point I had them let themselves in on the days that I ran late to go ahead and start training instead of me paying them to wait on me; as being on time I have always had issues with.
I am proud to say that Bella is now the dog that the family wanted and has also improved our communication to one another along with getting our other dog which is a tea cup terrier be on a balanced lifestyle.
Bella now does not jump on guest; does not try to dart out the door when opened or left open carrying items back and forth from the car to house.
The training program can be adapted to any other K9 that we may or may not have later in life but knowing we can handle any type of K9 makes life so much easier with a huge boost of confidence.
Bella became great friends of Baltimore Dog Days and has even utilized our pet watching services, pet walking, and other services that have been offered. Bella is a part of the family now that I could not imagine not having once she stopped the bad behavior specially taking food out of pantry, off the counter or tables while we were sleeping or not in the same room.
Thank you Baltimore Dog Days,




Dear Mr. Mark and Baltimore Dog Days,
Bonnie Rich****** here:
I wanted to Thank You so much for training me and my Mom. She just took me for a ride and two mile walk around Goucher College. I heeled nearly 90% of the time even when we passed, joggers, other dogs, bicycle riders, and even a College Lacrosse game. My Mom said we still need a lot of work in the Pet Store. I went a little nutty and didn’t listen much at all.

Anyway, I just wanted to say Thank you very Much!

Just wanted to let you know my Mom worked hard with me this weekend. I went with her to the Hair Salon, another dog was there and I rocked!!!! Then, we went to visit Cosmo & Bella (another client) and we played & u had so much fun.
We just got back from our nightly walk & I was great so my Mom said, um about 100 times. You would have been so proud of my field trips, rides & walks!
Hope you are well and see you Saturday.




Dear Baltimore Dog Days,
Seeing firsthand how you were able to transform Juno to be able to be more of an assistance dog then a normal house hold pet my husband I knew you were the ones to call to prepare for relocating to Africa. Logan our tea cup Terrier has never had any formal training and not knowing what type of environment we would be living in we thought it be best to have the dog trained as to not bark obsessively or run away. Logan has been part of our family for over 8 years and could imagine the thought of him running away in a foreign environment. Once getting in touch with Baltimore Dog Days we only had 4 short weeks to meet so they sent Mark the owner to have the most effective time orientated results since he guarantees his work. Upon the first meeting Mark and Logan got along great and Mark had him doing things that Logan had never done in the previous 8 years of having him. With this I was surprised that Mark was able to have Logan lay down as we had never taught Logan the actual commands for sit, down, or stay. Within the first meeting we set up a training program that was specialized to what we wanted to achieve before departing for Africa.
The second meeting Mark was able to teach Logan how to walk correctly without barking at everything we passed or pulling us around. Logan does not have enough power to pull us but we were worried if Logan ran towards someone or something that he would get injured; therefore Mark worked his magic and Logan learned quickly. My husband and I think Mark is part dog but have the most respect and appreciation for what Baltimore Dog Days were able to achieve in the crunch time that we had as others said it could not be done except for Baltimore Dog Days came through with wagging tails.
Many Thanks,

Mary and Family