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We are looked at as The Premiere Dog Training services in the area and the best part is we come to you.  We will bring and supply whatever is necessary to complete the training goals we establish on the first meeting.


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Baltimore Dog Days is one of the premier dog training/consulting companies in the Baltimore area.

We offer training lessons for all ages and breeds of dogs.  It is most important to us, that you achieve the balanced pack you have always wanted.

Training lessons vary pending on the extent of the training goals.  All training lessons are conducted in the client’s home environment and not in a glorified warehouse as most of the “large corporate companies provide”.  There are reasons we come to the client unless the client prefers to go to another location. 

Baltimore Dog Days normally conducts lessons individually but we do have experience in and offer group lessons if requested and when it is determined that interaction from others will benefit the lesson plan which is something we have done regularly in order to assist with aggression along with over excitement.

There are no questions that are too small or too large for Baltimore Dog Days to handle. Even if you just need to speak to someone that knows about dogs behaviors to get some ideas we can assist you with that as well.

Highly regarded in the community as better then most on pricing and above everyone with service and attention to detail. We are not a training company that comes in charges you an arm and a leg for an hour or two of service then never hear from us again. Baltimore Dog Days has and always will be highly active in the community to keep our community support.

Baltimore Dog Days has numerous experience with various personalities of owners and their pets to find the best solution for our clients needs.

If for any reason at any time you need to cancel your dog training appointment you must give Baltimore Dog Days at least 48hr notice otherwise you would be charged for the canceled lesson.

If for any reason the lesson is not completed in the hour due to lack of dog’s attention or the dog being over tired from previous activities of the day regardless of situation the client will be charged a full lesson rate; any discounts will be offered through the owner of the company and is not negotiated.  Clients must understand that when we have a lesson scheduled there are numerous things that go into each lesson, from lesson plan, time for travel and gas, along with any other items that might be added to ensure proper outcome.

Again, the lesson will be charged at full cost unless it is specified from the owner of the company.  If a client refuses to pay the minimum of one-hour charge Baltimore Dog Days will charge clients card if on file.  If there is no card on file Baltimore Dog Days will not offer any more lesson(s) to the client until the balance is paid and further agreements are agreed upon.  Baltimore Dog Days does reserve the right now to book further lesson with a client if the client is not following around procedures and the guarantee of training that is offered will not be honored.

MacKenzie with Cosmo and Bella on NCR Trail

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